Sunday, October 24, 2010

¡Sí se Puede! - Yes We Can!

President Obama spoke at USC on Friday. It was a really long day filled with lines and standing around, but it was totally worth it.
The zoom on my camera was pretty good. I wasn't that close to the podium, but considering it's the President of the United States I was in a good spot.

President Obama gave a really good speech.
President Obama's slogan of Yes We Can, was borrowed from the United Farm Workers' slogan- Sí se Puede. César Chávez helped come up with the slogan when he organized the Farm Workers in the '70s.

Jamie Foxx was at the rally too. He announced Barbara Boxer, and Jerry Brown. He was trying to get the crowd excited about voting.

It was a really neat experience and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go.


  1. Friggin rad! I think Obama needs to come to Utah, that would be fun. Now I'm thinking of all the protesters....maybe he should stick to the blue states.

  2. You totally got to see the president in person!!! What an awesome opportunity!