Monday, September 27, 2010

Nerd Speak

Last week at church they called me to the break the fast committee. Today (fast Sunday), I was in the kitchen cleaning up when a guy who is new to the ward (like me) came in to heat up the fried rice he brought.

This guy is also a new PhD student, but he goes to Caltech and studies math/rocket science. Before you know it he's asking me questions about my program and we are talking about genomes and stem cells. But we weren't just "talking" about it, we were engaged in full on Nerd Speak.

One of the bishopric members was also in the kitchen doing something else; I know that the small smirk he was trying to hide was aimed at us.

Because of the Nerd Speak.


  1. Ha Ha!! Was he cute? You guys should go out!

  2. lol Yeah, is he cute? I smell a date coming on!

  3. Hey Malaina, just passing through to say hello! Everyone is well in Provo...I have a new job in region (promotion) so headed up there Oct. 12! Bev H.