Sunday, November 20, 2011

No one seems to be updating their blogs lately- myself included. There's nothing on TV and my neighbors are playing their stupid techno really loud (it's 3:30 in the morning). It really is stupid music. I don't get it, the same line repeated over and over and over again? Maybe I'm exaggerating. I am grumpy when I'm tired.

My friends and I went to see the Gounod opera Romeo et Juliette the other night.

Can I just say, even from the nosebleeds I was smitten. Romeo was amazing; I'm glad I paid the extra five dollars to rent binoculars.

I think the techno stopped. Maybe I should go to bed now... before I am tempted to buy the magic jack. The Tummy Tuck Belt people already got me.


  1. Where are you? Opera? Exciting! I have to admit I am mildly jealous. It's been too long though, let's catch up soon.